Tom had plans to spend Valentines Day with Toni Braxton but it looks like she’s back with Birdman. Now he doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes and won’t be trying to see Toni on Valentines. He’s working to get back on Kym and Sherri’s good side by sending them Pro Flowers and Shari’s Berries […]

What would you do if your child, who is not of driving age, stole your car? Kym and Sherri would have no issue spanking their kids! Kym might even play a little game, she’d go steel the car back and make him walk home. But, they both agree that it’d be better for their child […]

Has your child ever done something wrong and had an explanation for it? Jeffery told a little girl at school that she was ugly, because she asked if he thought she was pretty. Sherri tried to explain that’s not nice, but Jeffery reminded her that lying is wrong. How does she convince him that it’s […]

Remember how back in the day teachers and principals were allowed to physically discipline students when they misbehaved? Do you think spanking in schools should come back? Kym and Sherri aren’t sure that’s the best idea. Kids today are so bold and some of them are just plain crazy! If the student manages to take […]

If your child spent well over $300 without your knowledge what would you do? A story recently came out about a 6-year-old little girl ordered almost $400 worth of toys on her moms Amazon account. The first question is, how did she know how to order things in the first place? The short answer is, […]

We’ve all been there, when you’re the only black girl in your group of friends or in a social setting, you hold back your “black side” just a little. Torrie and Sherri find that they really have to hold back around the moms at school. When the kids misbehave they have to throw the word “please” […]