The latest "Russ Rant" calls out United States Senator Lindsey Graham for being quite the hypocrite when it comes to his stance on getting vaccinated.

Russ Parr is back to ranting for the right reasons, this time questioning why kids are being sent back to schools this week that refuse to enforce mask mandates in order to protect against the further spread of COVID-19.

Russ Parr is back for another one of his now-infamous "Russ Rants," and he's got a special bone to pick with Fox News political correspondent Tucker Carlson — and yes, he definitely meant to add that "butt" at the beginning of the title!

So how can somebody violate someone's rights, but then given vacation time off?

Russ does what he calls “bad acting” to break down “where we’re at now” for those who are sick of trying to keep up with all of the trials and politics. He voices both Donald Trump and Putin and implies that the two of them are still working together. Donald Trump is willing to do […]

Russ went to see Marlon Wayans perform this weekend and he really enjoyed himself. He was very interested to see Marlon pull personal experiences into his comedy. For example. he began to talk about his daughter coming out as gay, and how it affected him but as well as his unconditional love for her. It […]

Jay-Z is really catching some heat from the Black community as a result of the Deal that he cut with the NFL. Russ points out that at the end of the day, we don’t even know what Jay-Z has or hasn’t done behind closed doors. People feel like he has abandoned Kapernick, but that raises […]

Trump is on the road to visit families affected by the the horrific shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH that took place over the weekend. However Russ thinks it’s too soon and he should stay in D.C. Especially because there are a number of people, himself included, that believe Trump’s hateful and racist […]

Trump said the women of color congresswomen should go back to where they came from and called them “un-American.” Now, he’s walking that statement back after he’s been criticized and called a racist. Now, he claims that he wasn’t happy with people chanting “send her back” at his recent rally. Russ says Trump makes up […]

Donald Trump suggested that anyone who complains about America go back to where they’re from. The women he directed his comment at are all from America, they’re just women of color so he assumes they’re immigrants. The irony in his racist comment is that all he’s done is complain about America. He complained about Obama, […]

Alex Acosta is the prosecutor who let the billionaire pedophile go, and yesterday he made himself look even worse. Bad enough he’s now known as the guy who gave a pedophile go, now he’s refusing to apologize. Russ says the president made Acosta hold a press conference to see if he could defend himself so […]

It seems like when men are caught abusing minors, the media never calls it like it is. The girls are often referred to as “underage women,” which Russ Parr points out is an attempt to “minimize the crime by relabeling these young girls.” For example, Jeffrey Epstein who was given a “sweetheart deal” and served […]