Rev. Al Sharpton

President Donald Trump announced that he would have tariffs on steel and aluminum coming into the country. He claims the tariff will help bring more jobs but Rev. Al Sharpton believes that it’s a disguise that will hurt the American people. “Really look beyond the surface of President Trump announcing this tariff on incoming steel […]

The recent school shooting in Parkland, Fl has again sparked a cry in the nation to reform gun control laws in hopes of decreasing the chances of these horrific events from happening. Rev. Al Sharpton reminds us that the fight over gun control is nothing new but a fight that has gone for some time. […]

2/14/18- While everyone was happy, and rightfully so, and caught up with the show of the Obama’s portraits, Rev. Al Sharpton shined a light on another example of hypocrisy coming from the White House. “The Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, went and spoke at the National Sheriffs Association and talked about our […]

2/7/18- Rev. Al Sharpton cleared the air on the controversy surrounding the Superbowl ad that Chrysler made with its trucks using the Martin Luther King Jr. speech. “If they want to sell trucks Chrysler using King’s speech they should read it first,” said Sharpton. “Not sell King’s voice to have us live in your truck.” […]

President Donald Trump gave his first State of The Union address last night and Rev. Al Sharpton had nothing good to report back about it. “He is a trained con man. To stand up and talk about that we are in a better place like he did it like the economy is thriving like he […]

After coming to an agreement in Senate, Republicans and Democrats were able to end the government shutdown under a couple of conditions for each other. Rev. Al Sharpton gives us the inside on the situation and how to stay active and empowered. “At this point I want to bring the peoples attention to Donald Trump […]

If the question of President Donald Trump being a racist wasn’t a thought before it’s definitely been one now after his comments on immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African Nations. Rev. Al Sharpton lays it down the truth of it all. “He has no problem continually saying racist things, being identified with a racist like David […]

It’s a new year and Rev. Al Sharpton is determined to get the year started right by reminding us why we need to keep fighting. “I would hope that one of the things that we do in the new year is take a look at where we are,” explained Sharpton. This year will be the […]

2017 is coming to an end and as we look back, we see just how crazy the year has been. “We began the year trying to overcome the shock of Donald Trump winning the presidency,” explained Sharpton. Of the election, marches and sexual harassment issues that have taken over this year, Sharpton believes that bigotry, […]

It’s said all the time that everyone’s vote counts and exercising the right to vote is very important. Rev. Al Sharpton gives a great example of the power of voting with teh Virginia House of Delegates recount. “We have been saying over and over again how every vote counts and nothing represent that more in the […]

Alabama came out and voted yesterday, specifically the Black residents. So many people have said that Black people wouldn’t show up to vote like they did for Barack Obama, but they did. “We vote our interest and we came out in numbers that were over those in 08,” explained Sharpton. But he urges us not to […]