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Karen attacks have been proven to come in many shapes and forms — Parking Lot Karen, TikTok Karen, the now-infamous Central Park Karen and even a Disney-inspired Tigger Karen are just a few to scratch the surface of white women in fake distress. However, the latest example that recently occurred in New York City reminded us of the biggest Karen to ever exist: Carolyn Bryant Donham.

It’s only been a few weeks since the notorious Emmett Till accuser died last month at the age of 88, peacefully in hospice care somewhere in Westlake, Louisiana. Six decades prior, she infamously reported an unwarranted cry for help that led to the gruesomely inhumane murder of the aforementioned 14-year-old Black teenager.

In 2023, we sadly still see the same racist-driven trope being used by a modern day Carolyn Bryant Donham; this one’s name is Sarah Jane Comrie.


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From unenthusiastic screams for “Help!” to elevating the fantasy by shouting “Please get off of me!” even though not one person put a hand on her, Comrie did exactly what famed attorney Ben Crump describes in his tweet seen above by weaponizing her tears (or lack thereof!) in an attempt to wrongfully criminalize a group of young Black men. It’s the same frame of mind that Donham had decades prior during a time when the odds were way more in the favor of racist white women.



Even though we live in a time where thankfully the young men were able to flip the script on Comrie using the power of social media, the viral clip itself is a bit disheartening when you see a handful of white men swooping in to “save” her — one even suggests the main victim of her accusations reset a bike that he already paid for. Wait…what?!

Although Carolyn Bryant Donham is literally a thing of the past, and Sarah Jane Comrie’s future as a physician’s assistant at Bellevue Hospital in NYC is looking rather bleak, the same can be said about our future as a society if people like them continue to use the preset prejudices of America to their favor. From the Tulsa Race Massacre and the Groveland Four to the recent exoneration of Gregory Counts and Van Dyke Perry, our people have always deserved so much better.

Take a look below to see some of the many the viral reactions to Citi Bike Karen aka Carolyn Bryant Donham 2.0:



1. 2023 modern day Carolyn Bryant Donham, she knew there were other bikes but chose the one he’s sitting on. Typical WM steps in and suggests the young man give her the bike. White privilege never fails!

via @Justask95406683

2. The spirit of Carolyn Bryant Donham is still with us

via @Jayleejnr

3. Carolyn Bryant Donham’s death created a vacuum…

via @HeatherMarcus

4. Over a damn citi bike smh & she work in the hospital, imagine what kind of bullshit she do to black patients smh

via @dirty_dineros

5. I keep thinking about Citibike Karen. How does she treat her Black patients?

via @rgay

6. Citibike Karen has deleted all her social media accounts. Don’t hide now, bitch. Be as loud and proud as you were when you weaponized your white lady tears and screamed “help” to try and get those young Black men killed.

via @thejournalista

7. Sarah Jane Comrie will shed real tears when her supervisor calls her in for a meeting, hopefully. #citibike #bellevuehospital #Bellevue #racism #WhitePrivilege

via @DebbieTDavies

8. HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sarah Jane Comrie not only made herself famous by trying to take a citi bike a black man had already paid for and screaming he was assaulting her, she’s likely gonna lose her job too, AND her husband had to delete ALL his own social media.

via @Mehphistoh

9. This is peak dangerous Karen energy. Weaponizing tears while screaming 4 help bc a black man wouldn’t let her steal his pre-paid citibike. This behavior is deadly and not ok. Stay alert and if you see this kinda shit irl please stay and help because they can get someone killed!

via @brandontour

10. As an avid Citi bike user this is so frustrating. This white lady is nuts. She is stealing a bike. The only way it unlocks is if you have paid for it. Why would I let you ride on my dime. And redocking it is ridiculous.

via @Gisw33ts

11. This was calculated behavior as evidenced by her removing her name tag while engaging in these racist theatrics. She was intentionally causing racial trauma and harm by trying to abscond with a Citibike that young man had paid for.

via @LIDiva

12. My frustration with CitiBike Karen is that I have no doubt she has harmed Black patients. SMH.

via @brsuttles

13. Awful. I cannot even begin to understand the AUDACITY of this woman. One of the reasons why black men are in danger in this country is this behavior. The fake tears and crying out for help- for what? Why exactly did she need help? Unreal. ##Citibike #racism

via @faceygirl69

14. Not y’all calling this woman Citibike Karen?!?! lol The internet is undefeated

via @Deuces_2011

15. Imagine going to medical school just to get fired because you tried to take a citibike that someone else already paid for 🤡

via @ExquisiteYardie