Morgan Freeman and University of Mississippi Professor Linda Keena donated $1 million to the school to launch a legal studies center that focuses on policing.

After a police officer fatally shoots someone, it can take days or even weeks before the public or his supervisors hear the officer’s version of what happened. In many states, that so-called cooling off period is carved out in state law or in a police department’s contract. That opportunity to take some time before undergoing […]

D.L. got to talk to who he calls one of his favorite politicians right now New York Mayor Bill De Blasio. He won re-election in the city for his second term. Before jumping into politics, Hughley had to share the pain in sometime being married to a Black woman. “I’m like, ‘only bad things are […]

Researchers analyzed body camera footage during traffic stops.

There is a reason President Barack Obama picked Camden, New Jersey as the city to announce a bold police initiative on Monday in an effort…

Want to sound off about the bad cops in your neighborhood? Now you can with this new web site. Listen to the audio player to hear how CopScore.com lets you rate the cops in your area in hopes for better community policing in the latest Jazzy Report! Do you think this will work? Sign Up For Our […]