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There’s no way of knowing how many social media posts go out per day that ruin someone’s personal relationship, career, political aspirations and in some cases all three.   We don’t hear about most of them but the ones we do hear about should teach us all a lesson. Whether it’s Anthony Weiner’s lewd photos of […]

No matter what your history with food is some of it carries over to your children. I applaud First Lady Michelle Obama for recognizing the link between what our kids eat and who’s providing it for them. Breaking the cycle of generations of unhealthy eating isn’t easy.  It takes education, desire, commitment and discipline. As […]

The CW was the last television network to air cartoons on Saturday morning and last week it ended its run. Saturday morning cartoons were more than animated weekend entrainment.   They played a big role in our culture and our economy. Back in the day depending on what years you were a child growing up, Saturday […]

I would imagine, a lot of people had the same reaction I did when news of NFL player Adrian Peterson being charged for abusing his child went viral. “If our parents had been arrested for whipping us with a belt or switch, they’ d all been in jail,’” “Other races don’t understand our culture.” “If […]

I am a daughter of women’s liberation.  Not literally but I am the off spring of the generation who believed that women could do any thing they wanted to do, be anything they wanted to be and go any where they wanted to go. So, even if my mother stayed home part of my life […]

The Modern (Self) Love Goddess Abiola Abrams pens The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love designed to be your passport to becoming the woman you were born to be. Abrams spins her magic as a Sacred Bombshell Breakthrough coach and lifestyle journalist focused on women’s Love- 
Body-Spirit empowerment. The love columnist and advice maven is […]

When you look at the ads, read blogs or watch the news, it looks like Back to School is all about the kids. Backpacks, notebooks, mechanical pencils, school uniforms, paper towels and Kleenex are all basic needs for the new school year. No matter how much we gripe about purchasing the same things every year, […]

Dateline: Somewhere in Texas Mom Invents App that Disables Kids’ Phones If They Fail to Answer Phone Calls When I call my boys’ cell phones and they don’t answer, I’m 99% sure they didn’t hear the phone.  I’m positive too much time won’t pass before they’re calling to apologize for missing my calls. Even with […]

When Michael Jackson died five years ago, I was in Jamaica with my family celebrating my birthday.  It’s weird how every birthday I’ve had since takes my mind right to the moment I got the dreaded news.  The two events are now inseparable in my mind. I imagine like the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and […]

What’s really at the root of the petition to comb Blue Ivy’s Hair? First, let’s be clear what is. It’s a platform that allows anyone, anywhere to start a petition, mobilize support and bring about change in anything from local concerns to global issues. When a vehicle like this is made available to the […]