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When Michael Jackson died five years ago, I was in Jamaica with my family celebrating my birthday.  It’s weird how every birthday I’ve had since takes my mind right to the moment I got the dreaded news.  The two events are now inseparable in my mind.

I imagine like the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and Dr. King, the deaths of Bob Marley, and now Whitney, those of us who were around will never forget when and where we were when we heard about it.

But since MJ’s music brought so much joy, today I’ve decided to dwell on that aspect of his life.  I polled my Facebook friends and here are some of their favorite Michael Jackson songs. By the way, I listened to the entire “Off the Wall” album twice yesterday, so I’m good!

Of course Rock with You, Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal and all the classics were named. But here are a few that came up that you might not have heard in a while.

Push Me Away

Heaven Can Wait

Maybe Tomorrow

Liberian Girl

Blood on the Dance Floor

With a Child’s Heart

Aside from a great play list the poll also included some inspiring comments about Michael.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Damn, I miss him. He’d been in my life since I was 3 yrs old. 1st song I ever learned was his.Never occurred to me that I’d know a world without him.”

I’ve always measured greatness to his standard.”

“Mike is my cousin & I still look at him like everyone else – as if he wasn’t a real person. That’s how huge he is.”

“Man, the kids and I were caught in traffic and Rock with You, Off the Wall and Wanna Be Starting Something got us through just fine. We were in another zone. Lol”

Oh I loved when he was a cute little boy singing ABC, Ben and Got To Be There!”

And I think this one says it all about how his music touched generations and continues to do so:

I woke up to my 6 year old watching the MJ tribute at 5:45 am smh…even the babies know and love him! He will always be in my heart.”

We love you Michael!

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