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I am a daughter of women’s liberation.  Not literally but I am the off spring of the generation who believed that women could do any thing they wanted to do, be anything they wanted to be and go any where they wanted to go.

So, even if my mother stayed home part of my life and planned her career around our school hours, I had not one qualm about applying to Howard University, moving from St. Louis to D.C. and following my dream.  My mom by the way moved from Jamaica to the United States alone at age 18, attended nursing school and was independent for many years.

Most women I knew were on the same path as my sister and I were that included graduating from college, pursuing our careers and  becoming a success.  And even though we married we fully expected to be co-breadwinners and not the chicks who ignored their goals while someone took care of them.

The kind of independent spirit we possessed was evident in the way we expressed our art, beauty, intelligence and athleticism.   Queen Latifah, rapper,  actress, entrepreneur and talk show host and CEO of Flavor Unit; Beverly Bond’s founder of“Black Girls Rock;” Shonda Rhimes, creator of “Grey’s Anatomy”and “Scandal,;”  Soledad O’Brien broadcaster,  Rosalind Brewer, President and CEO of  Sam’s  Club Wal-Mart Store all are from the same era and have in their own ways blazed trails for other women.

But we are also the mothers, aunties, and big sisters of a generation of women and young girls who make and leak sex tapes, proudly dance like strippers and post their photos on apps that encourage  boys and men to rate their looks.

A friend of mine recently had her teenage son’s phone when a photo of a sweet looking girl who looked to be about 14 popped up asking if she was hot or not.

It’s too easy to blame it all on the media and rap videos. I’m going straight to he source.

If our girls’ self -worth is dependent on the opinion of adolescent  boys, we aren’t doing our jobs.

When parents do their part in helping build self-worth and self-esteem there isn’t that much left for others to do…and that goes for our sons too.

But if parents are too self-absorbed in their own looks and lives and dancing like strippers in front of their children, kids might get their values a little twisted.

Many of the women who are getting butt injections are moms and even grandmas.

And, oh yeah, I haven’t done it yet, but I plan to check my friend about her son.  He needs to know that if he’s ranking girls’ looks that he could be responsible for inflicting pain that he probably isn’t even aware of.

If we call ourselves powerful, successful, soulful sisters then we sit idly by and watch this generation of  young women drown in shallowness we’re all sinking together. Let’s catch as many teen girls and boys as we can before they fall in.

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4 thoughts on “What Do Our Actions Teach Our Girls?

  1. I see that stuff going on and i do nothing but Thank God that it’s not my children. I thank God that I have Law Biding,Tax Paying, and Educated Children. They were brought up in Church and now go with me on holidays and occasionally. I remind them they could be even more successful if they would truly serve God. I realize now that my kids R grown I should help with others, but I’m not sure I can handle it.

  2. seriously on said:

    That is just it, the mothers and fathers of these children are the problem…When you have 35/36 year old grandmothers, that is the problem. These girls see their mother hustling man for hair weaves, rent etc… and the boys see mothers basically turning tricks for material things….And there goes two generations of nothing. A lot of these kids are going to have to save themselves. They are going to have to look around their ghettos, mommas and daddies and say…I not repeating this shit. Those are the ones we can help.

    • Timekeeper on said:

      See, I totally agree with you on this! Although I must say it is very hard for a young person to resist when they see so much of it around them. I hope some of them can resist the temptation to emulate the negative behavior.

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