It has been announced that the very first male cheerleaders for the LA Rams will be performing at the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Damon thinks that’s okay, as long as they don’t wear the same “skimpy uniforms” as the female cheerleaders. If something falls out from those tiny skirts that’ll be more of a Super […]

A lot of Guy’s St. Louis friends have fallen out with the Rams since they moved to Los Angeles; and they’ve fallen out with Guy for not falling out with them too. But he urges them to think rationally, why would he fall out with a team that moved closer to him? And those same […]

Guy is 98% sure he’s going to the Super Bowl. He’s been looking for work in Atlanta but he has a hookup for tickets. Tom recalls the time the Cowboys went to the Super Bowl years ago and he also had a ticket hookup. Tom had about 14 tickets.  By the time he sold all […]

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The Los Angeles Rams, already the subject of HBO’s reality series “Hard Knocks” later this summer, will have another camera crew in the mix for an E! series following six of the players and their families as they move to L.A. from the team’s former home in St. Louis. “Hollywood & Football” is set to […]