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MTV’s long-running “True Life” franchise will delve into the death of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins in a new spinoff series, True Life Crime. True Life Crime is an eight-episode docuseries which will cover a series of high-profile murder stories, hosted by award-winning journalist and MTV News host Dometi Pongo. The family of Kenneka Jenkins is suing the Rosemont […]

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Tereasa Martin claims that her daughter's death could have been prevented and that her child suffered “conscious and physical pain.”

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More than a year after her daughter’s body was found in a hotel freezer, Kenneka Jenkins’ mother has announced that she is suing the Rosemont establishment for $50 million dollars in damages. According to the Chicago Sun Times, Tereasa Martin alleges that the Crowne Plaza hotel staff, its security staff and a restaurant at the […]

The one-year anniversary of Kenneka Jenkins' death prompts more questions.

In a year that featured natural disasters of Biblical proportions including wildfires, hurricanes and floods, when President Donald Trump tried to erase everything that President Obama had accomplished, when a Chicago teen’s mysterious death after a hotel ‘kickback’ went viral and when gun violence left over 50 people dead in a mass concert shooting in […]


Kenneka Jenkin‘s mother, Tereasa Martin, is convinced that authorities are covering up evidence in her daughter’s death. Looking at information authorities collected about Kenneka’s death has only raised more question for Tereasa. Newsweek reports that Tereasa believes that Chicago police did a poor job in their investigation. “I believe that it’s a cover up,” she […]

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New police reports and witness accounts surrounding the death of Kenneka Jenkins were released on Friday.


The 19-year-old was finally laid to rest weeks after being found in a hotel freezer.

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Around the same time Kenneka Jenkins‘ mother denounced reports that there is video of her daughter wandering into a freezer the alone, Rosemont police have released footage of the dead 19-year-old. According to WGN, in the videos released by police, Jenkins appears to be stumbling in the hotel kitchen, hallways and out of an elevator. However despite community activist Andrew […]


On Crowne Plaza Hotel cameras, the 19-year-old was last seen alive staggering through the kitchen by herself.


Here’s the latest on Kenneka Jenkins the young lady from Chicago whose body was found in a hotel walk-in freezer last Sunday. According to a Chicago community activist on Thursday, surveillance video at the hotel in Rosemont, Illinois  shows Jenkins entering a walk-in freezer … alone. That activist, Andrew Holmes, who has worked with many police agencies during […]