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Teen from Chicago found dead in walk-in freezer at hotel

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

Kenneka Jenkins’ mother, Tereasa Martin, is convinced that authorities are covering up evidence in her daughter’s death.

Looking at information authorities collected about Kenneka’s death has only raised more question for Tereasa. Newsweek reports that Tereasa believes that Chicago police did a poor job in their investigation.

“I believe that it’s a cover up,” she told 107.5 WGCI last week. “I’m still looking for answers.”

According to cops, Kenneka died of hypothermia and exposure after drunkenly wandering into a walk-in freezer at the Crown Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois.

An autopsy has turned up no evidence of sexual assault, but Tereasa wants authorities to perform another autopsy. Furthermore, police say that there is no evidence of any foul play leading up to Kenneka’s death.

Although there is security footage of Kenneka walking through the halls of the hotel by herself, there is no video of her actually walking into the freezer on her own. Cops say that’s because there aren’t any cameras near the freezer door, but this is where Tereasa has a huge problem with their findings.

According to Newsweek, Kenneka’s mother found a camera right above the freezer. When she asked authorities about seeing video from that camera, Tereasa claims that police  lied to her face.

She recalled, “The sergeant said aggressively, ‘There wasn’t no cameras,’ so I guess the camera disappeared.”

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11 thoughts on “Kenneka Jenkins’ Mother Claims Police Lied About Video Footage

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    So… never mind the so-called friends whom the girl was with– the police are somehow at fault? Kissmyass with that nonsense. Martin is looking for a payday.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Mac, they don’t want the truth here, that conflicts with the victim mentality. Somebody please offer me a motif for the police to lie about her death? I can offer you plenty why a irresponsible mother would try to blame the hotel of police. Why isn’t the mother going after the kids at the party or the person who purchased alcohol for underage teenagers? Because they broke azz just like her.

    • Heyyou!!!! on said:

      you sap sucker mother f*%$er!!!!!!!!!!!!!You fake wanna be a doctor b^&ch. you better hide your punk ass behind that screen. Do you have any sympathy for anybody dunce?. That woman lost a daughter no matter what color, race, or creed. I wonder how your mother would feel when you die? Birds of a feather flock together you racist piece of shit!!

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        Oh Hell to the Naw!!! The Doctor gonna give it to you straight, so listen up. This shiggidy been going on way too long and it need to stop. Black “mothers” trying to be friends first with their kids instead of authority figure and role model. Please watch the video of this role model, “Can you split on a dick?” “How do you think I had you?” Put that shut on video like it was the mother / daughter talent night at Jefferson High.
        No Peeps, stop with the faux outrage. This person needs to be called out for her ignorance before she does it to one of her remaining 6 children

    • Tonya Hargrove on said:

      So you saying a video of her and her mother got this baby killed gfoh pretty sure we all have once did something with our children or child that was out the parenting guidelines Gucci g assholes

    • Tonya Hargrove on said:

      RIGHT and everyone is finding ways to bash and slander this woman’s manlike her and her baby girl asked for her to put to that party be killed you all that’s making this miserable ain’t nothing but a bunch of ducking cunts and I pray to god that this nugget never hit y’all cause was is butch believe that

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