Kaye West ex business manager, Thomas St. John pleaded with the judge for extra time to track down Kaye to serve him with a $4.5 million dollar law suit after spotting Kanye in Beverly Hills.

Russ got into what he calls a “little twitter debate” with someone about Kanye’s conversion. And he says some Christians are so judgmental it makes him wonder if these so called Christians follow the teachings of God. He asks, “can you be a racist and a christian too?” He doesn’t think so, because “how can you determine […]

Kanye Brought his Sunday Service to DC! He preformed on Saturday on the campus of Howard University for Homecoming. “Pastor Yeezy was in DC and he brought his First Lady with him, Kim Kardashian,” overflow was probably full that day! Huggy wanted to go see what it was all about but his cousin Nardo said he […]

Grammy award winning producer and pastor Warryn Campbell has been credited with discovering singer Lena Byrd Miles.  He tells Willie Moore Jr. that he came across a video of Miles singing at church on social media and was impressed by her voice, and “the anointing” of what she was singing in the video. Right then […]

Easter Morning Kanye held Easter Sunday Service at Coachella. He was also selling his merchandise like Yeezy’s and hoodies for $200 each. Chris Paul jokes that all Easter services collect an offering! But, Paul says he’s glad Ye took time to send praises to Jesus on Easter…too bad he’s probably back to praising Trump now. […]


CHICAGO (AP) — Fresh off his bizarre Oval Office visit with President Donald Trump, hip-hop megastar Kanye West drew a crowd when he joined a Democratic mayoral hopeful and Chance the Rapper in a sidewalk appearance on Chicago’s South Side. West didn’t say anything during Amara Enyia’s event in Woodlawn Tuesday afternoon. He looked several times […]


Even though he is who he is, some folks in the community are giving Minister Louis Farrakhan the side eye on this one. He’s in lockstep with Kanye West after the controversial rapper’s long rant at the White House. Farrakhan, the founder and head of the Nation of Islam, said West was right in his critique of the 13th […]

Kanye’s meeting with Trump has gone viral, and no matter how you feel about Ye, watching him rant like that wasn’t easy. Kanye went on and on about how his M.A.G.A hat made him feel like Superman. DL says “It’s going to be hard to be a bipolar Superman,” and it’s impossible to say all […]

Kanye West has been all over the place lately. Donnell Rawlings told the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew, that he has a hard time ignoring him. He does believe that somehow, Kanye thinks Trump’s actions are “genius.” Rawlings says Kanye probably really thinks he’s saying something profound. But he doesn’t, “speak Yeezy,” so he doesn’t […]


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — It’s one of President Donald Trump’s favorite talking points in promoting his administration’s success: the record low rate of black unemployment. But on a recent sunny afternoon in Vernon Park in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood, that victory seemed hollow. As children laughed on the playground, several black men — some out of work, […]

Kanye will be meeting with Donald Trump to talk about prison reform. And D.L says “Donald Trump is to private prisons what Colin Kaepernick is to Nike.” Prisons have been raking in the cash since Trump was elected. West publicly said “slavery was a choice,” but he must not realize that prison is the new […]


WASHINGTON (AP) — Rapper Kanye West has been invited to the White House. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says West is scheduled to have lunch with President Donald Trump and meet with Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, on Thursday. Sanders says they’ll talk about manufacturing, prison reform, preventing gang violence and reducing violence in Chicago, […]