James Talent Harris

New York City has been cold and rainy for weeks but they’ve finally got some sunshine! James ‘Talent’ Harris is excited that it’s been 85 degrees two days in a row now! If it were Thursday everyone in the city would be calling out of work to enjoy the nice weather. But it’s too early […]

James “Talent” Harris is performing this weekend in New York City at Caroline’s with The New York Kings (Capone, Rob Stapleton, Mark Viera). To be a King you have to have over 20 years in the game and most importantly “you’ve got to rule your area.” He’s performing Valentine’s Day weekend and there will defiantly be […]

James “Talent” Harris is a father of five. So it’s no surprise that he will be headlining the “Father Knows Best” Comedy Jam Session at Caroline’s on Broadway on Sunday, June 10 in New York City. Hear all about it below and find out what he hopes to get as a Father’s Day present. READ […]

Comedian James “Talent” Harris is hosting the New York Kings Comedy Tour  and says the show is “like fire after fire.” “To start at 100 and end at 101 that’s a miraculous feeling,” expressed Harris. He and Bill Bellamy explained that comedians are always putting pressure on after the next person so the jokes get better each time. […]

  Comedian James ‘Talent’ Harris talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show just ahead of his performance at Carolines on Broadway. The funny guy reveals what a real Christmas looks like and why shopping for five kids is dangerous. Click the link above to hear the entire interview. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. (Photo […]

Comedian James ‘Talent’ Harris is performing with the New York Kings, Capone, Drew Fraser, Rob Stapleton and Mark Viera, at Caroline’s on Broadway October 7 – 9, but before he takes the stage he brings the funny to the Tom Joyner Morning Show! Click the link above to hear the hilarious entire interview. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com […]