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Comedian James “Talent” Harris is hosting the New York Kings Comedy Tour  and says the show is “like fire after fire.”

“To start at 100 and end at 101 that’s a miraculous feeling,” expressed Harris. He and Bill Bellamy explained that comedians are always putting pressure on after the next person so the jokes get better each time.

But Harris and Bellamy go way back. “I got 25-26 years in the game. Bill said ‘ I’m leaving to be somebody you stay here and hold this.’ I said I love and hate you brother, ” laughed Harris.

To clear the air, Bill replied, “I just remember him coming up. He was a youngster. He was really eager to learn. I just watched his progression.”

Harris was quick to say, “What Bill doesn’t know is that he was the first person to craft a show and set. Bill had that craft all put together so you wanted to be like Bill Bellamy.”

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