Guy finds it extremely odd when people ask a question and then get upset about the answer. For example, one of his buddies at the cigar bar asked if Guy thought he drank too much, Guy said “hell yeah.” And his buddy got upset. But, Guy says it’s the truth! The man lost his wife […]

So often people label funerals a “celebration” of life but often times Guy says they don’t feel very celebratory. Yesterday he went to John Witherspoon’s funeral and he said it actually felt like a celebration. The family asked that people not come dressed in black, but wear colors because John was a colorful person. Stories […]

Guy uses this time to send an important message to the ladies. If you’re wondering if you’re just a fling to the man you’ve been “seeing,” there are some pretty clear signs. If he only wants to see you late at night, if there are breaks between your “dates,” if he freaks out at the […]

News broke of a 17-year-old who went blind because of his poor diet. The child reportedly ate nothing but processed meat, french fries, white bread, and Pringles. Doctors found a B12 deficiency, low copper and selenium levels, a high zinc level, reduced vitamin D level and bone level density. Now, this teenager has lost, his […]

Last week on Get Well Wednesday we talked about Menopause and Guy has been thinking about it ever since. At the cigar bar over the weekend, he and the fellas discussed how they believe they should bring up the topic of menopause with their ladies. Sybil and Tom stop him in his tracks and say […]

If you were invited to the cookout last year but not this year it’s because “they don’t want you there.” Think about your past behavior and ask yourself what you did to make them not want to invite you this year. Ask yourself, “did I get too drunk and cuss everyone out,” or “Did I […]

Sybil did warn him, but now he understands and actually agrees. He urges you to stay away from Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. “If you hate traffic, green water and drunk people stay away from there,” he says. There was so much green it looked like a Shrek convention! It was insane! HEAD BACK TO THE […]

There is no reason you should be closer than an arms length away from anyone, unless you’re married. There is no reason Guy should feel your spit hitting him when you’re talking to him…that means you’re too close. There was a woman too close to him in line to board a plane. She was so […]

The government shutdown means that government employees are not getting paid for their work. That being said there are a lot of angry and unpaid TSA agents. Shockingly, Guy suggests that we be nice to TSA agents because they have the power to hold you and cause you to miss your flight. HEAD BACK TO […]

Who is in charge of approving ads for these big companies? Guy knows who isn’t in charge. Black people! These companies need to hire Black folks to sit at the important tables and they’d avoid these big PR scandals. But, Guy says they need to make sure they “have the right Black people” not “republicoons” […]

Guy has a friend that has been with his fiance for eight years and they have been engaged for three years! His friend is complaining that she’s been “pressuring” him to marry her, and asked Guy for help. Usually when you get engaged there is a wedding that follows. Guy tells men, you don’t propose […]

Today Guy has a lot going on!  Guy’s Gripe is, when you decide to take on a job for a friend pro bono you should take it as seriously as if you were getting paid for your services. There’s a Torry Story behind this one. Guy’s friend agreed to help him plan his 50th birthday and started […]