government shutdown


BALTIMORE – Today (01/08/19) marks day 17 of the partial government shutdown and importantly, it also marks the second week without pay for the 800,000 government workers and millions of others who depend on government agencies. It’s unconscionable that Americans are forced to suffer the brunt and being held as political hostages because of President […]

The government shutdown is affecting people’s livelihoods. And not just lively hoods but also Valentines day! This year the women are going to get plastic roses. Huggy says if your lady gets upset use his new saying, “you just got to understand!” If that doesn’t work write her a poem, “Roses are red, Violets are Blue, […]


WASHINGTON (AP) — With no shutdown resolution in sight, Democratic leaders urged President Donald Trump to reopen the government Friday in a White House meeting during which they said he indicated he could keep it closed for “months or even years.” Trump met with the congressional leaders for the second time in three days amid […]

President Donald Trump says he’ll do “whatever it takes” to get funding for border security, signaling no end in sight to the partial government shutdown. Trump declined to tell reporters Wednesday what amount of wall funding he would accept to end the shutdown. Instead he cast blame on Democrats and said “the American public is […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional leaders and the White House are pressing to strike an accord on a $1.3 trillion catchall spending bill, though disputes remain over immigration, abortion and a massive rail project that pits President Donald Trump against his most powerful Democratic adversary. An agreement by Monday would pave the way for a House […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House moved swiftly early Friday to reopen the federal government and pass a $400 billion budget deal, overcoming opposition from both liberal Democrats and tea party conservatives to endorse enormous spending increases despite looming trillion-dollar deficits. The 240-186 vote came in the pre-dawn hours, putting to bed a five-and-a-half hour federal […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats lined up behind a plan to reopen the federal government Monday as the Senate began a key vote. Senators predicted a proposal to fund the government until Feb. 8 would move forward, overcoming a Democratic filibuster and clearing the way for an end to the three-day shutdown. Democrats climbed onboard after […]

  There’s always something getting cut off and the government shutdown is no different. D L remembers the hard times that his mother and siblings went through growing where things kept getting cut off or shutdown until he decided to take leadership and doing something about. Something he believes the government is lacking now. Don’t […]

1/19/18- It’s been a heck of week with the President’s stripper Stormy Daniels spilling the tea, the White House doctor lying about Trump’s health, Eric Trump saying his dad only sees green and Chris Christie being denied VIP entrance at the airport. However, Huggy elected Mitch McConnell and the GOP because they need to avoid a […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bitterly-divided Congress hurtled toward a government shutdown this weekend in a partisan stare-down over demands by Democrats for a solution on politically fraught legislation to protect about 700,000 younger immigrants from being deported. Democrats in the Senate have served notice they will filibuster a four-week, government-wide funding bill that passed the […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Paul Ryan tried pressuring Democrats on Wednesday to back legislation preventing a weekend federal shutdown. But he gave little ground on the partisan battle over immigration, an issue many Democrats say must be resolved before they’ll vote to keep agencies functioning. A day after conservatives expressed opposition to the short-term […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump signed a temporary spending bill into law on Friday to avert a government shutdown after the Republican-led Congress did the bare minimum in a sprint toward the holidays and punted disputes on immigration, health care and the budget to next year. The measure had passed the House on Thursday […]