If you’re still single one, or a few, of these reasons could be why and they’re not all bad. You could be single because you’re too focused on being in a relationship, you don’t realize when people are flirting with you or, maybe your confidence is intimidating. But, one huge reason you could still be […]

Alcohol makes everyone get loose! Sometimes people say or do things they wouldn’t normally say or do. When a man is drunk ladies this is probably the only time he’ll tell you that he doesn’t appreciate you enough or that all he wants to do is take care of you. If he gets really drunk […]

There are some experiences that all Black children share while growing up. If you had a deep freezer in the garage you definitely grew up Black. And it seems like every Black child’s grandma had a china cabinet with dishes in it that you never saw being used. What are some of yours memories that […]

DL didn’t agree with Sen. John McCain from a political stand point most of the time, but he did respect him. He says that McCain, “was a man that exibited principle.” In the aftermath of his passing over the weekend a number of people extended their condolences to his family and friends. Donald Trump was […]

A man with a foot fetish was seen passionately sucking a woman’s toes while driving, and that’s not even the strangest part. This man was so bothered that people in other cars were laughing at him and honking their horns that he sped off, causing the woman’s foot to go deeper into his mouth. He […]

A theme park in china is letting women who weigh more than 136 pounds in for free! Tang Paradise park in the northern city of Xi’an granted hundreds of women free entry if they were heavier than a Tang Dynasty imperial concubine. The promotion highlighted that being “slightly overweight” was a beauty standard during the ancient […]

The same woman who called the police on 12-year-old Reginald Fields for accidentally cutting her grass, has called the police on him again. This time he bumped her fence. She and her husband have called the police 60 times in the past 18 years. Either they don’t know or they don’t care, but every time […]

Research shows that there are health benefits to sleeping in a cold bedroom, it can even help you look younger. Researches say that your bedroom should be between 60 and 67 degrees. DL says this new research explains why hes so healthy, his room is always cold! Do you keep your bedroom cold? Don’t Miss […]