DeKalb County


Former DeKalb County Deputy Antonio Perryman was forced into retirement after he allegedly disgraced the uniform by wearing an afro wig while on duty. Perryman’s was set to celebrate his 20 year career with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department, but three days before the milestone, he was forced to resign. According to Atlanta’s ABC affiliate, Perry was trying […]

An officer in DeKalb County in the state of Georgia has been indicted on murder charges connected with a 2015 shooting. DeKalb County Officer Robert Olsen shot and killed Air Force veteran Anthony Hill in March of that year, who was reportedly naked and unarmed at the time of the shooting. The grand jury overseeing […]

Three police officers are on administrative leave after a botched investigation led to the shooting of an unarmed man and the killing of his dog. Officers in Atlanta’s DeKalb County, responded to a report of a ‘suspicious individual’ but went to the wrong house. When they found an unlocked screen and back door, they entered the […]

A Georgia man upset with his beard trimming, was stabbed with a straight razor by the barber who performed the cut last Wednesday. Carl Gilbert turned…