David Otunga

David “Punk” Otunga did what?! Dominique can’t believe Otunga had the audacity to complain about his fiance Jennifer Hudson‘s skinny frame and she let him hear it!

Like Christian Louboutin shoes and ombre hair, long-term engagements seem to be a Hollywood trend that’s here to say. Now don’t get us wrong, we…

Jennifer Hudson’s son David is set to make his film debut in his mother’s upcoming holiday movie musical “Black Nativity.” The Oscar winner plays a single mom in the retelling of the Nativity story with an all-black cast. David, her 3-year-old with fiancé David Otunga, will make a cameo. “He put himself in the film […]

Is Jennifer Hudson scared of marriage? Her fiancée popped the question four years ago, and they’re still not married. What’s the hold up? David Otunga, the lucky man in love with a now skinny singer is tired of waiting, apparently. Certainly Jennifer has every right to take her time, being that her family was hit […]