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Jennifer Hudson’s custody trial with her ex-fiance David Otunga is back on they after failed to reach a private settlement over the care of their nine-year-old son, David, Jr.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the trial will begin on August 5, and it could last for up to five days. Hudson and Otunga are expected to testify in court to argue their case.

The former couple were previously set to face off at trial in March (19), but their lawyers agreed to hold off on the court date as they attempted to strike a deal between themselves. Clearly that didn’t work because now they are ready to go before the judge.

Via The Blast:

Otunga also recently filed a motion for sanctions against Hudson but the filing is sealed, so it’s unclear what he is accusing the singer of doing.

Back in 2017, Jennifer Hudson filed for an emergency order of protection accusing Otunga of pushing her while holding their son David. The court granted the temporary request but Hudson would later drop the petition altogether. Otunga has always denied the allegations.

Since dropping her petition for an order of protection, the two have engaged in a legal war”with each filing motion after motion in court accusing the other of playing legal games,” The Blast writes.

After being engaged for nearly eight years, Jennifer and David called it quits on their relationship back in 2017.

According to court documents, Otunga says he was the primary caregiver to their son during the marriage. Hudson denies this claim, saying her ex actually spent much of his time on tour wrestling with the WWE.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson And Ex David Otunga Custody Battle Headed To Trial

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Parenting isn’t just the mother’s job. An engaged father is essential. Now, David should leave the boy with his mother and request liberal visitation. They have enough money where they can live close enough so their son can see both everyday. Those two make enough money, that not one thin penny should change hands. Let it be about the boy and get on with life. I hate to see black parents publicly battling it out. Stop giving these white thieving so called attorneys your son’s inheritance. Ever notice that well to do women don’t have to worry about parental involvement?

  2. Unless David Otunga can prove that Jennifer Hudson is an “unfit mother”-CUSTODY will be granted to the MOTHER.

    I wish Jennifer good luck in her custody battle with this POS.

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