A video of Howard University dean and actress Phylicia Rashad surfaced over the weekend showing her with sister Debbie Allen and commenting on the Blackburn Takeover sit-in protest that is currently happening on campus. 

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Racist graffiti was discovered on an Eastern Michigan University building. Scores of students marched to the university president's home to discuss the incident.

Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney looks like he expected his guest from Dartmouth to join him in characterizing the Black Lives Matter protests on campus as racist and violent. It backfired. Varney & Co. producers appeared to have told him that his guest, Charles Lundquist, was a white supporter of Black Lives Matter, but […]

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A recent groundswell of protests on college campuses over race, sexual misconduct and other social issues has some civil libertarians worried that the prized principle of free speech could be sacrificed in the rush to address legitimate student grievances. The potential conflict between the protection of civil rights and the constitution’s […]