One Kentucky woman is sitting in the hot seat after her now-former job as a bus driver came to a startling halt when she blindly dragged a 6-year-old girl for 1,000 feet.

A Detroit bus driver who recently complained about people not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously after a passenger coughed several times without covering her mouth, has died after contracting the virus, CNN reports. Jason Hargrove posted a video to Facebook on March 21 criticizing a woman who he said got on his bus and coughed […]


A bitter old white man was caught on video hurling the n-word at a bus driver in central Brooklyn this week. According to, the racist rant erupted on a B68 bus on Coney Island Avenue in Midwood Tuesday night, officials told the Daily News. “Sit down,” he says to someone not seen on camera, then turns to the […]

People are so over the top for absolutely no reason other than they can be. A bus driver in New Jersey took the phrase ‘a…

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A 42-year-old bus driver was charged with misdemeanor assault on Tuesday after he punched a passenger who allegedly spat on him, the New York Daily…

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It’s getting pretty dangerous on the public transit system these days.  Bus drivers are having some “postal” issues and going berzerko on their riders. Of course the Cleveland bus driver, Artis Hughes, is known all over the world by now for the infamous upper cut he gave one of his riders and, as we reported […]

Chris Paul jokes about President Obama's re-election, Lamar Odom, and the upper-cutting bus driver.

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Shi'dea Lane joined the TJMS this morning to defend her part in the altercation with Cleveland bus driver Artis Hughes. She was involved in one of the most watched internet videos of 2012 when she was hit with an uppercut by Hughes. Read full transcript below. Click here to hear audio of the interview. — […]

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A Washington school bus driver has died two days after he suffered a heart attack at the wheel, prompting students to take over. Fife School District Deputy Superintendent Jeff Short says 43-year-old Ryan Callis died Wednesday evening. Bus footage shows 13-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick rushing down the aisle to the unconscious driver and grabbing the wheel […]