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What You Need To Know:

The coronavirus is killing Americans by the thousands. Despite warnings, people are just not understanding what this means. Many thought that a Facebook video of a Detroit bus driver talking about the dangers faced by public workers would get the message across. The bus driver, identified as Jason Hargrove, described an older Black woman coughing four or five times, making no effort to cover the coughs. That created conversation, but not enough action. Hargrove was diagnosed with the virus. Mr. Hargrove died Wednesday. How about now? How many more Jason Hargroves will it take for people to understand?

What about paying respects to those during the age of coronavirus? There’s no indication that the recent death of Rev. Joseph Lowery was coronavirus-related, but his funeral was. This Civil Rights giant deserved a homegoing ceremony the size of Georgia. Instead, there was a graveside service attended by about ten family members. This is not to say that a larger, more grand ceremony won’t be planned and held later. But this pandemic is now where coronavirus patients die alone and for all the dead, can only be mourned by a small few. Some are following social/physical distance rules. Many, not so much. 

We know of the legendary life of Reverend Joseph Lowery. But what about that of Mr. Jason Hargrove, a life cut short due to what looks like the selfishness of another? A former classmate shared a glimpse of her friend, Jason Hargrove:

Jason and I went to Pershing high school together in Detroit. He has always been a fun guy to be around. Always laughing and joking. We were in Band together as well, and he was one of the baddest drummers we had. He loved music, so he became a DJ. Known through the city as Dj Infiniti. He also loved his job as a bus driver working for The Department of Transportation (DDOT). My. Prayers to his wife and kids and fellow bus drivers that are still working unprotected.