The honorable Judge Greg Mathis made a bold claim against many Black men who he feel were lacking on the BLM protest frontlines.

BLM activist Shaun King is being called out for using money donated to his PAC in order to purchase a $40,000 prize show dog.

An inquest jury unanimously ruled that two Seattle cops were justified in using deadly force on a mentally unstable pregnant Black woman.

'White Chicks' star Terry Crews stopped by 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' recently to clarify his controversial BLM tweets from 2020 and officially issue an apology to anyone he may have hurt or wrongfully labeled as a "Black supremacist."

61-year-old Michigan resident Kenneth Pilon is being hit with six hate crime charges for harassing the community of Saginaw with nooses and racists notes aimed against Black Lives Matter supporters at their peak in 2020.

Many of us weren't expecting to hear from convicted murderer Derek Chauvin for a long time following his 22-year prison sentence last summer for the 2020 death of George Floyd. However, that day unfortunately came far too soon now that he's making headlines in an attempt to get an appeal.

A married couple from Boston found out the hard way that scamming doesn't pay after being charged with multiple felonies for using donations they retrieved for their non-profit, Violence in Boston, and using the funds for vacations, car rentals, shopping and even to get approved for a home. 


According to new data, the number of Black people killed by police has increased over the last two years, following the death of George Floyd. 

A group of conservative college students at the University Of Houston are suing the institution due to the belief that an anti-discrimination policy in place violates their "freedom" to hash out right-wing ideologies on race, marriage, gender identity and the Black Lives Matter movement.

We're glad to report that Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane were each found guilty on all charges in their civil suit for standing by and even holding back bystanders that very well could've saved George Floyd's life. 

Black Lives Matter recently caused naysayers and believers alike to question their overall motives after a BLM branch bailed out a Black Kentucky activist that shot up the Louisville office of white mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

A white man was sentenced to mere probation recently after planting bombs near a busy plaza in downtown Pittsburgh following a Black Lives Matter protest.