New York sports anchor Brian Custer of SportsNet New York had everything a man could want – a great job, a wife and kids and the respect of his peers. But one thing he wasn’t expecting to have was aggressive prostate cancer. Custer was shocked – he was a healthy man in his 40’s who […]

“They know they’re going to face some obstacles along the way, sometimes some discouragement, because all too often the world underestimates young men like these.…

“They know they’re going to face some obstacles along the way, sometimes some discouragement, because all too often the world underestimates young men like these. They know that their stories and their success can also help change the narrative.” – President Barack Obama Outside the Roosevelt Room this week, President Barack Obama posed for a […]

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BALTIMORE (AP) — Slight and slender at just 5-feet 8-inches and 145 pounds, 25-year-old Freddie Gray was a warm, funny, generous figure in Baltimore’s predominantly poor and African American Sandtown community, his friends and relatives said. The young man who died of traumatic spinal injury a week after his April 12 arrest used to give […]

Rodney Todd, Sr. tried to be the best father he could be. The single father was raising his own six kids and a stepchild, but apparently didn’t have money to heat their home. So he installed a generator not realizing having it inside would release deadly odorless, colorless carbon monoxide gas. In the end, while […]

Late today, the family of Walter Scott, the South Carolina man shot and killed by a police officer while fleeing after a traffic stop and the witness who captured the video of the fatal shooting, Feidin Santana, came together in Charleston, South Carolina. NBC News correspondent Craig Melvin was there as Scott’s mother thanked Santana […]

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We now know who the identity of the person who shot the video that appears to show a white police officer shooting Walter Scott, an unarmed black man in the back in South Carolina. Feidin Santana, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, said there was a struggle between the two men before the deadly shooting, but […]

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A white police officer was charged with murder Tuesday after he shot and killed a black motorist during a traffic stop in South Carolina. A video showing the encounter captures the officer shooting the man in the back while he’s running away. North Charleston Patrolman Michael Thomas Slager was arrested and […]

Two years ago, heart patient Anthony Stokes was kept off a heart transplant list because of his police record. At 15, when admitted to an Atlanta hospital with shortness of breath and chest pains, Stokes was wearing an ankle monitor as he was under house arrest for a fight. He was diagnosed with an enlarged […]

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Its no surprise that being a black man in the U. S. is tough. Nor is it a surprise that being a gay black man is seen by many as double-jeopardy – the whole double minority thing. But as it turns out, being a black gay man has its benefits. Especially when it comes to […]

He was 25 years old. He was Black. He was homeless, unarmed, mentally ill, lying on the ground and he was still shot to death five times by three Los Angeles police officers on Skid Row Sunday. Friends called him Africa. Larry Jackson, an eyewitness to the shooting, told reporters: “I heard one shot and I […]

A police officer in New Rochelle, Ny was caught on video drawing his gun on a group of black teenagers having a snowball fight. An…