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Late today, the family of Walter Scott, the South Carolina man shot and killed by a police officer while fleeing after a traffic stop and the witness who captured the video of the fatal shooting, Feidin Santana, came together in Charleston, South Carolina.

NBC News correspondent Craig Melvin was there as Scott’s mother thanked Santana “from the bottom of [her] heart.”


The dashboard camera from the traffic stop was also released to the public today. It shows the initial encounter between Walter Scott and South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, which ended in Scott’s death. Scott was unarmed and on foot when Slager shot at him eight times, killing him.

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22 thoughts on “UPDATES: Walter Scott’s Family Meets Feidin Santana, Dashboard Camera Reveals Traffic Stop [WATCH]

  1. he shouldnt have to be in fear for his life he shot a video and turned it in why should he fear for his life?? being that this is documented i think he’ll be ok, and yes he is a hero in my book but stand up dont be scared! fight these fuckca’s with everything you got.

    • Often times when people go against the cops, somehow they are “mysteriously” murdered.
      Officials are already questioning what happened after Walter Scott ran, as if to say there was a viable reason for Slager to murder Scott.
      Without a doubt, Feidin Santana is a hero and I pray that many more people standup and do the right thing.

  2. Guest 123 on said:

    I agree 100% this young man will need protection I won’t be surprise if they send him back to his country or start messing with his family

  3. October on said:

    Why did he run? He should have stayed in the car and followed the officers instruction. If he had outstanding warrants he may have had a fighting chance in the courts. We won’t know for sure now.

    • Guest1 on said:

      He ran because he didn’t want to go back to jail again for not paying child support, which doesn’t warrant a death sentence because if it did, there would be a lot of men and women pushing up daisies. You don’t shoot an unarmed man in the back who is running away from you. I’ve read a lot of comments asking why didn’t he stay in the car. That sounds so familiar to the Trayvon Martin case. Had GZ stayed in the car, Trayvon might be alive today. Mr. Scott didn’t die because he ran, he died because a horrible decided his life wasn’t worth a damn and took it. Yet the people of N. Charleston have to use their tax dollar to pay for the insurance of Slager’s unborn chid and wife. How ironic. Some people need to stop trying to justify this as a clean shoot because if it was, there would not have been a need for Slager and the other six dwarfs to stage a frame up to make it look like one. Just saying.

  4. Santana is the real hero in this. I only wish more people of color had the stones to stand up to White Supremacy in this country. If they did – things would be a lot different in many areas.

    • Guest1 on said:

      I totally agree with you. Your comment, at least for this case, should be directed at the black police officer that happened on the scene just as the cowardly, lying, framing @hole resemblence of a man, was picking up the taser and then dropping it at the side of Mr. Scott, as he laid their dying or far worse as we already know, was dead. All those cops that wrote those bogus reports or signed off as gospel for this rogue cop, should also be charged for being complicit in a crime. I just can’t believe, that with all these police shootings of our unarmed black men by white officers, how in the world could this black officer co-sign on this bullsh!t.

      • Guest1 on said:

        Oh, and in addition, he was the first one on scene (the black cop, and…had he told the truth, he too, could have been a hero sharing the spotlight with Santana.

  5. It does not matter about him running. He should not have been shot down from the back, AND the officer lied while trying to frame this guy. I know some of you will look for any reason to coon on this one, but this animal, lying, framing, murderer of a cop need to be culled out. Hopefully genpop is waiting to make him someone’s (hopefully more than 1 ) wife or worse.

  6. @ Jhuff,

    Your assuming the very old Benz was his car, may have been a family members, and he may have been unemployed..a new Kia would cost more than the old Benz he was driving..either way, my point is he should not have been murdered and its sad that his fear of being arrested drove him to run. But regardless, running or walking away, he should not have been murdered. Why is it that in the show “Cops” the police actually chase and subdue people but in real life, they just stand and shoot? If this scenario would have taken place on the show “Cops”, the cop would have chased him down and handcuffed him…oh wait…cameras would have been rolling too!

    • Good point on the Benz maybe it was or wasn’t his, I’ve seen
      People run from new cars they owned to avoid arrest (but an old KIA would still be cheaper), You answered your own question regarding COPS it’s on video the Officers know that, also some confrontations filmed are not suitable for broadcast (remember the incident several years back when a cameraman was shot) either way as I stated previously the shooting was uncalled for

  7. I heard that he may have been behind on child support payments and the poor guy may have thought he was going to be arrested, because I could not figure out why he ran after watching the initial stop. Either way, killing him was very wrong, folks need to stop running, keep your hands on the steering wheel..he actually got out the car and he could have been shot then..the cop told him to get back in
    the car, then he got out again and began running. It’s not worth it and black men need to stop running and resisting, it gives them a reason, at least in their minds to kill you. God bless the man that came forward he is indeed a hero with a very big heart. The hug the mother gave him was everything…..

    • Yes FOX news reported that as well, it was unjust to shoot him but I can’t help but wonder if he had bought a KIA instead of a Benz maybe he could have made those
      support payments

  8. blackspeak on said:

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, run from the cops, unless you are sure your escape will be successful, particularly if you are black. When cops see black suspects attempting to escape, they switch from “protect and serve” mode into “predator v. prey” mode…At that point, the longer the encounter lasts, the greater the possibility that the prey will end up dead.

  9. Monica on said:

    I’m just curious why he got out of the car and ran. I mean did he think he was just going to run away and never be caught….what was he thinking?

    • Tub Man on said:

      Running away, no threat. The cop had his information of course he would have been caught. Running toward the officer, threatening. Shot in the back, not necessary.

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