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New York sports anchor Brian Custer of SportsNet New York had everything a man could want – a great job, a wife and kids and the respect of his peers. But one thing he wasn’t expecting to have was aggressive prostate cancer. Custer was shocked – he was a healthy man in his 40’s who maintained a healthy lifestyle. But it just goes to show you the importance of maintaining annual prostate screenings.

Custer, a Columbus, Ohio native and member of Kappa Alpha Psi who is a graduate of Hampton University, only got a screening because it was offered at his job and when his PSA number showed up normal, he skipped the test the next year. The only reason he’s alive today is likely because he decided two years after the first screening to get it again. By that time, Custer’s PSA, the measure by which prostate cancer is discovered, had elevated from just over 2 to above 5. Any PSA over 4 is worrisome.

Custer had surgery two years ago and has been healthy ever since. But his story illustrates the importance of getting regular screenings. Listen to the interview above for more information about how to screen for prostate cancer, what you can do if you receive a diagnosis and how to recover.

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One thought on “Sybil Wilkes Talks To Sports Anchor Brian Custer About His Successful Fight Against Prostate Cancer

  1. J A Malik on said:

    GREAT ARTICLE! My husband is also prostate cancer free because of regular screening. Please Black Men get screened. It is now a part of the wellness package offered by insurances with NO co-pay.

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