Jacque Reid has been a part of the Tom Joyner Morning Show for 12 years and she is so thankful for all of the people she has met that have become her family.  She is thankful for having the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to Black women on this powerful platform. Reid says […]

Huggy Lowdown is so thankful for his time on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that he’s literally speechless. He will never forget the first time he realized that he was a friend of Tom’s…it was when he was invited to fly on Black for the first time. From that moment forward he knew that Tom […]

Tom’s favorite Zeta just had to call in and give him his props. Sheryl Underwood says she and Tom have “been through everything together.” He changed her life so many years ago, she says if it weren’t for him letting her on the radio she’s not sure if they would have ever let her on […]

Huggy turned on his radio and heard the voice of J Anthony Brown and was confused! He wasn’t sure that he was on the right station, but he was so excited when he realized he was. It’s so exciting to have the whole gang back together. They have so many memories together like, taking trips, […]

Don Lemon is a well respected much loved CNN anchor and for two years he was also a part of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. He would leave his CNN show around midnight and write his commentary for the TJMS until 2 AM. He had virtually no sleep, but he loved being a part of […]

Fellow radio personality D.L. Hughley is beaming with pride as he congratulates Tom on his retirement and tells him how rare it is  “that somebody does something for so long that they get to leave on their own terms.” Hughley feels blessed to have not only seen but had a relationship with “the most gifted […]

Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott are back with another edition of the Cowboys Wake Up Show! After complaining about how terrible the Cowboys have been, Jones gives Tom Joyner his props! He calls him a “radio legend,” and wishes him well on his retirement. He may or may not send Dak to Miami after this […]

The articles of impeachment have officially been filed by the judiciary committee and Reverend Al Sharpton says that “now we’ve got to see how the senate will vote.” It is up to us as citizens to make sure that our state senators know how we feel. They have no way of knowing that if we […]

This guest announces himself as “Little Boots AKA Hot Feet” or “Little Nugget!” Tom Joyner and Kevin Hart go way back and Hart just “had to call” and wish Tom well as well as tell him what he means to him. Hart views Joyner as “a true legend” and feels “blessed beyond” just to be […]

Tom Joyner has always had a love for comedians and they all love him right back! Chris Tucker has an immense love and appreciation for Tom. He gives him props for all of his hard work over the years. He was the first to have his show syndicated and the only one to have this […]

Roland Martin has been a part of the Tom Joyner Morning Show for the past 11 years and today is his last commentary. So he goes out with a bang. If you don’t get anything else from him, he wants you to get how important your vote is. Sunday in the airport, a young man […]

Everyone recognizes Tom’s greatness! Chante Moore credits Tom for really being “the hardest working man in radio.” She recalls the first time she heard of the infamous “flyjock,” she didn’t know what exactly that term meant, but once she found out she realized that’s the best term to describe him. He always made her feel […]