1. Black people love giblets in their gravy and white people — just plain ol’ brown gravy will do

2. Stuffing vs. Dressing — you know we’re all about the latter!

3. White people eat Green Bean Casserole whereas Black people eat Broccoli & Rice Casserole

4. We’re all about that Sweet Potato Pie baby! No Pumpkin!

5. Black people always seem to be waiting on somebody to come back from the store with ice, drinks or something vital to the meal! White people are cleaning up by then.

6. You know we love our cornbread, while white people serve rolls.

7. We eat collard greens, white people eat spinach.

8. White people will just have a traditional turkey while black people will have a traditional turkey, a smoked turkey, and a deep fried turkey!!

9. White people tend to keep dinners to immediate family while black families have everyone and their mama there.

10. Casseroles- White people love Casseroles!

11. White people like mashed potatoes while black people love potato salad! (Don’t forget the Paprika)