Little Known Black History Facts

The late Rudy Lombard and his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement are little known, but that’s exactly how the activist and leader wanted it. The New Orleans native made history with a series of sit-ins in New Orleans, immortalizing himself and other activists with their bold actions against racism. Lombard was born in Algiers, […]

  The late Robert N.C. Nix Jr. was destined for his path early on as his father was Pennsylvania’s first Black member of the U.S. House or Representatives. Nix became in the first chief justice of a state’s highest court in 1994, which also made him the first Black statewide official for the commonwealth of […]

Thomas “Blind Tom” Wiggins was a blind piano prodigy so popular that it has been alleged that he was the highest-paid pianist of the 19th Century. Wiggins was celebrated for his ability, but his success came at the price of his dignity. Wiggins was born May 25, 1849 to slave parents, Charity and Mingo Wiggins […]

Robert Smalls first made history by escaping slavery by pretending to be a white ship’s captain, and sailing a boat to freedom during the American Civil War. Smalls was born April 5, 1839 to his white slave owner father, Henry McKee, and his mother Lydia Polite, a slave McKee owned who was also a member […]

Jelly Roll Morton famously introduced himself as the inventor of jazz. While that claim has been questioned over time, the New Orleans pianist undoubtedly planted the early seeds of innovation in the genre. Morton was born Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe on October 20, 1890, although some sources cite 1885. A Creole, Morton was of Spanish, French […]

Lucien Alexis Sr. earned the nickname of the “Negro Einstein” while as a student at Harvard University. Despite facing an extreme set of obstacles, Alexis managed not only to graduate from the prestigious university, but became a famed educator himself. Alexis was born July 8, 1887 in New Orleans, La. Not much has been recorded […]

John Morton-Finney was a true Renaissance man, earning an impressive 11 degrees during his lifetime. The former Buffalo Soldier Army man and educator is also considered by some historians the longest-serving lawyer of all time. Morton-Finney was born to a former slave father and a free mother in Kentucky. The parents taught their seven children […]

Rebecca Lee Crumpler is widely considered by historians as the first African-American woman to become a physician in the states. While the fact has been disputed, Dr. Crumpler’s contributions to medicine and her will to challenge racial and sexist barriers has solidified her rightful place in history. Crumpler was born February 8, 1831 in Christiana, […]

June Bacon-Bercey was a pioneer in the field of meteorology, becoming the first Black woman to earn a degree in the science in the ’50s. She was also an internationally recognized expert in aviation and weather, and is the first woman and African-American woman to win the American Meteorological Society’s “seal of approval” honor for […]

Linda Martell was a former country and blues artist who made her mark in the industry by becoming the first African-American woman to star in the Grand Ole Opry. Martell enjoyed a brief period of success but elected to raise her family and preserve her health instead of chasing down fame as a musician. LIKE […]

It is now official that due to the coronavirus, the 2020 Summer Olympics is postponed and will likely go on in 2021. That means some of our greatest competitors will have to wait to showcase their superior athleticism. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. But we can return to the heroism of […]

Toni “Tomboy” Stone was the first woman to play for a men’s professional baseball league. Although she was signed to save a lagging Negro League team’s ticket sales, she proved to be far more than just a novelty player. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. Marcenia Lyle Stone was born July 17, […]