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The highly anticipated return of “The CHI” is upon us, as Season Six’s second half debuts on Friday, May 10th, exclusively streaming on Paramount+ with the Showtime plan. Fans of the gripping drama series can expect another rollercoaster ride of emotions as the lives of the South Side Chicago residents unfold in unexpected ways. Jacob Latimer who plays Emmet and Luke James who reprises the role of Victor join Radio/TV personality Jazmyn Summers for Radio One to chop it up  about the new developments.

Latimore’s character Emmett is trying to make his strained relationship with his girlfriend work while he deals with the danger of being involved with the ruthless gangster Douda.

“It’s going to be really unpredictable. The stakes are really high, and nobody is safe. We’re seeing Emmett be very brave. They’re in the midst of these street politics and tough guys and he’s trying to find his way in the midst of all that and still remain who he is. We’re going to have the fans on the edge of their seats with this first episode,” reveals Latimore.

James whose character Victor is in a groundbreaking love relationship with a trans woman says he realizes that his story line helps against LGBTQ discrimination.  He says he was nervous at first:

“My nervousness came from just wanting to breathe life into a character and be honest and truthful, respectful, and unapologetic. It’s awesome to be able to do characters that are quite different from you and in that sense challenge you and open you up in a way that allows you to see the world from a different point of view. It’s about telling the truth and it’s a love letter to the Black experience in totality.”

 When asked if he would ever be in a relationship with a trans woman in real life.  James, who is in a committed relationship with his girlfriend responds, “You never know where life goes,” he laughs.


Lynn Whitfield plays a tough and intimidating matriarch Alica told Summers in a previous interview “ that her favorite fantasy is “to find somebody really hot and energetic. if I were going to be out there dating someone different.  Someone with lots of energy, someone younger and have something really passionate. I could get a lot of ink on that and that would be a fun kind of scandal.”

When asked if there were any sparks flying on the set?

 “Always sparks. We love Lynn,” responds Latimore. “She’s doing her thing.”

” She’s muva,” exclaims James.

The Chi

Source: Shaniqwa Jarvis / Showtime

 The latest season promises to delve deeper into the lives of beloved characters, with new challenges and surprises awaiting them. Emmett and Kiesha’s relationship faces unprecedented tests as Emmett’s alliance with Douda becomes increasingly perilous in the aftermath of Q’s murder. Meanwhile, Victor grapples with the repercussions of his past while navigating his new role in city politics. Newlyweds Jada and Darnell fear for their son’s safety, and tensions rise as Rob and Tiff’s cannabis business takes off. Amidst these trials, no one is safe, and alliances will be tested like never before.

Season Six boasts a stellar ensemble cast and guest stars led by Jacob Latimore, Alex Hibbert, Yolonda Ross, and Shamon Brown Jr., among others. Joining the ensemble are a slew of talented guest stars, including Lynn Whitfield, Jill Marie Jones, Kadeem Hardison, and Leon. Each brings their own unique flavor to the drama, adding layers of mystery and complexity to the narrative.

“There’s actually another guest star that we can’t reveal, but I’m super excited,” teases James.

Season six part two is a supersized installment with 16 episodes, offering fans an extended journey into the lives of their favorite characters. Created and executive produced by Lena Waithe and executive produced by Common, “The CHI” explores the humanity behind the headlines, providing a nuanced perspective on life in Chicago’s South Side.

The show is so loved by fans that the two actors say sometimes viewers think they’re the character they play, causing some surprising encounters.

“I was in the Atlanta airport on the underground train,” shares Latimore. “This woman really just ran all over me, like on top of me. I found myself. trying to gently push her back  but I was like ‘Oh my God. I’m in trouble’ and  she’s  screaming loudly.  You can’t be screaming at the airport these days. People might think it’s a terrorist attack, with all this stuff,going on,” he laughs. “A little funny but scary.”

Latimore, who recently went through a painful breakup with his girlfriend Seraya ,of Empire fame, says he’s enjoying the single life now.  What does he want in a woman?

“I just like good eye contact. Let me know. I can approach. As far as what I’m looking for in a woman: a woman that’s well driven, living in her purpose,  a Godly woman, praying woman.”

The Chi

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Most importantly,  he’s excited about what’s next with his career and continuing in The Chi. The show will unveil a unique scheduling twist.  Episodes of season six will stream Fridays on the Paramount+ with Showtime Plan, with subsequent airings on Sundays. This dual-release strategy ensures that viewers can catch every moment of the action, whether they prefer to binge-watch or savor each episode.

With its timely themes and interconnected storytelling, “The CHI” continues to captivate audiences and spark conversations about community, identity, and redemption. As the latest season unfolds, viewers can expect more drama, more intrigue and more unforgettable moments that will keep them glued to their screens week after week.

You can check out the full convo, hear them drop some beats  and learn more about what Jacob is looking for in a relationship above.


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