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African American female citizen voting at polling place during US elections.

Source: Drazen Zigic / Getty


With Election Year 2024 in full swing, it’s become clearer now more than ever before just how important the Black vote will matter.

In case you need a quick reminder, just take a look below at what’s happening on the “other side” in a clip Amanda recently posted on IG that’s so hilarious it’s almost sad:



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Joined by co-host Supreme, The Amanda Seales Show crew took a minute to discuss exactly what makes the melanated vote seem so appealing. From Trump’s new sneaker campaign aimed at attracting inner-city Black kids with a penchant for footwear to the idea that a proposed ban on menthol cigarettes could help sway votes — we apparently just looove ourselves some Menthols! — the conversation was an interesting one that further proved why the culture is always meant to be told and not sold.

Tune in for a convo on the power of the Black vote below via The Amanda Seales Show: