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Hip-hop, now entering its 51st year as a genre, has never been more diverse in terms of the various ways that emcees of all ages have found to deliver the message.

However, is the good word being relayed to us with the same street smarts and prowess that pioneers from The Bronx to Brooklyn laid down as foundation over five decades ago, or are we simply in an age of massive “gottage” when it comes to keeping it lyrical?



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Amanda and Supreme took a minute to reflect on the good days with a few musical staples that will forever be considered classics, in addition to highlighting the wordsmiths that brought it all together. While hope isn’t completely lost on this new generation, we just had to take a little time to give flowers to some of the ones that really moved the needle by dropping unforgettable bars on us.

Reminisce with Amanda and Supreme below on The Amanda Seales Show, and let us know what are the lyrical rap classics of your time?