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It’s been a few months since the nationwide enthrallment of Christmastime, but our latest “My First Time” story is sure to serve as a nice reminder of the most wonderful time of the year thanks to the big homie, Big Gipp.

The Goodie Mob native gave us the exclusive on what it was like when his dad blessed him with a motorcycle during a Christmas he won’t soon forget.


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While it’s always great to get what you want during the holidays, sometimes it can also serve as a cautionary tale to be careful what you wish for. Just like the classic “you’ll shoot your eye out!” line from the annual TBS broadcast of A Christmas Story, Gipp found out that a motorcycle was far from a toy! Thankfully he lived to see another season of gift-giving and hit-making.

Watch our full “My First Time” below with Goodie Mob’s own Big Gipp: