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22-year-old rap hottie Kaliii — she celebrates the big 2-3 in just a few days! — has been putting on for ‘Leo SZN’ with a fire track record of hits ever since her big break in 2021 with the TikTok banger, “Do a Bitch.”

Just in time for the next segment of “My First Time,” Kaliii breaks down for us what that first viral moment felt like and how it led to many, many others.




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Currently surfing the Billboard charts with “Area Codes,” her latest and most successful viral hit, the ATL-born Internet queen knows a thing or two about starting trends and leaving people wanting more. As a growing number of people used the catchy choruses to her songs in Reels and other various video clips, be it dining or dancing, Kaliii continued to rise up the charts and now can even be found on the soundtrack for the very viral Barbie film that’s been breaking the box office. This girl’s on fire!


Watch Kaliii give the rundown below on when the viral craze began for her via “My First Time”: