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DJ Misses talked one on one with Lil Baby this week on Posted On The Corner. Misses did not hold back when it came to the underlying lyrics and the “Migos Beef” and Lil baby had no problem giving Misses the scoop.

She asked him a simple question, is there an underlying issue between him and the Migos after the Swap It Out comments. With everything that goes on with the blogs a lot of people on the internet come up with what they want to especially with the lyrics.

Lil Baby is not typically one to speak on these tops of comments but decided to set the record straight with Misses. He let her know there is absolutely no beef with the Migos. Lil Baby expresses he rarely sees things on the internet unless it is sent directly to him and does his best not to comment. Over all he says the Migos know there is nothing going on between them. Rumors online have been going crazy after the artists, Quavo and Lil Baby’s albums released. Social media took the lyrics and ran with and escalated the rumors of this speculated beef. Thanks to DJ Misses the fake beef is finally squashed. Check out the clip in this Trending On The Timeline Episode and be sure to watch the full interview on Posted On The Corner.

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