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This week’s “Get Into It with Pruitt” is a doozy. A gentleman, whom we will call “David” as he would like to remain anonymous, thinks his done “irreparable damage to his marriage.” Read David’s dilemma below:

“Two years ago, my wife gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl. She had very fair skin when she was born and extremely curly hair, and greenish-blue eyes. The problem is my wife is brown complexion, and I’m even darker, and neither of us has that type of grade of hair. I began questioning if the child was really mine, I often wonder if there was even a mixup at the hospital. As I know, hospitals sometimes do make mistakes. I contemplated for a long time asking my wife if she would get a DNA test to make sure the child is mine. But I knew it wouldn’t go well, because her family and friends would definitely have a lot to say about it. But nonetheless, I did ask her and we went ahead and got the DNA test. The results showed that she is 100%. My daughter. The issue is now my wife treats me completely different. She was highly offended and things have not been the same ever since.”


So how does David fix this?

Listen to Robert Pruitt below:

Read Robert’s response below:

Yeah, okay, I’m glad job do an easy one at a brother. So here’s what’s present for me. Did he have any suspicions of her cheating prior to getting married? That’s just the first question that I would have, like any concerns, any trust issues that perhaps were there prior to the pregnancy? Number two, were they already having issues because sometimes you can be mad at one thing, but that’s not the thing. That’s the root of the upset or the anger. So while he’s asking for the paternity test, maybe there’s some other question he wanted to ask regarding some other area of their marriage. But this was the one that was most present for him. Irreparable damage. So let’s just play with that. Something that you can’t fix. Well, we can ever go back to the past and fix it, can you heal it from this place.


And I would offer that have an honest conversation about how we felt maybe look at the two of us. And then I see the child that does not look like either of us. So I’m wondering where the child came from being open and available to hear how she feels to be in the midst of her upset, whether it’s a cold shoulder, or whether she seems aloof or distant. And again, I’m making this up because I don’t have enough information or if she’s just having a direct conversation with him. But it may feel uncomfortable. Releasing the need to focus on being upset that he contributed to creating that he can’t write meaning can’t go back to the past and make it right, and focusing on the now might allow them to heal this. Might allow her to hear feel seeing something different in where he was coming from or is coming from. And then they may be able to move through this muddled water. And yes, it is quite possible that it could be the reason that they don’t continue their relationship, their marriage that you know that there are still issues that arise from this. It’s a challenging one, Yeah.

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