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Radio pioneer Tom Joyner is feeling “good” after suffering a mini-stroke in late April, he exclusively tells

Reports emerged of the medical event after the information was leaked on social media on Saturday, June 13. However, Joyner experienced the stroke over 6 weeks ago while boxing with his longtime trainer during quarantine at home.

“I was like everybody, in quarantine, but instead of just sitting in the house, being bored and stuff, I worked on my health because I figured what are the chances of me catching the virus and then after that, how can I enhance my chances of me beating the virus if I do catch it.”

According to Joyner, his efforts in the ring are what triggered the stroke. Now, he is at home rehabbing and if you could guess it, he plans on getting in the ring again.


“I want to fight Tyson,” he reveals assuredly.

Tyson recently announced he is willing to get back in the ring for charity – and Joyner wants to throw his name in on the list of potential contenders to benefit his foundation.

The Tom Joyner Foundation has been greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. With the postponement of Joyner’s annual cruise, the funds are down.

“95% of all the money that we donate to scholarships comes from the cruise.” Adding, “We don’t have the money to do the scholarships and do the good work the foundation does,” he explained.

If his desire to fight Tyson isn’t proof enough, Joyner is feeling really well and is back to his normal daily routines.

Most recently, Joyner participated in a 2-week online web series with his former co-host Sybil Wilkes. The web series occurred live online between June 1 – 12.

He continues enjoying his retirement in Miami which includes bingeing his favorite TV series; keeping abreast of the latest news; and of course, managing the Tom Joyner Foundation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The article has been updated to reflect an updated date of the medical event. 


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