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Actor Daniel Kaluuya, who you’ve seen in Get Out and Queen And Slim, recently said in an interview that he just want’s to be called an actor and not a Black actor. Kaluuya said that he understands that race is a thing and racism is an issue, but he doesn’t want to be defined by race. Russ has a newsflash for him, he says “that probably doesn’t happen.” Being a British actor Russ recognizes that Kaluuya hasn’t dealt much with American racism and race relations but he says,  “you will be defined by it weather you want to be or not.” Kaluuya went as far as to say that he was attracted to Queen And Slim because of the love story and not the racism. Russ understands him wanting to get the jobs that aren’t specifically for a Black or white actor. But at the end of the day he is Black and someone is going to remind him of that.