Huggy is “mad” this morning! Last night he had a “thickie” named Vicky over for dinner and it was a bad date! He made her some dinner and she teased him all night. They drank several bottles of wine and listened to R&B. But then Vicky disappeared to the bathroom and Huggy fell asleep. When […]

Russ is calling for Donald Trump’s news conferences to no longer be aired live, he says “it’s time.” Russ explains that “every time he opens his mouth he does more harm than good.” The news media needs to “pick and choose information” from his conferences “that doesn’t get anybody hurt.” He hates to say it […]

Hip-Hop icon Eric B.’s family is asking for prayers after his 28-year-old daughter was involved in a serious car accident. According to reports Erica, was driving a mini cooper when she was hit by a truck. She is currently in the hospital suffering from a number of life threatening injuries, including neck and spine fractures.

Gayle King is speaking out after video of an interview she did with Lisa Leslie sparked controversy. In the video, King asked Leslie about the past sexual assault allegations against Kobe Bryant, and folks aren’t happy about it. Barry Bonds Tweeted that she should be ashamed of herself for asking that question to which she […]

Future can’t seem to keep his name out of the headlines. The rapper is not only known for his music, but also for having a number of children with different women. Now, the professional baby daddy is suing one of his many baby mama’s because she reportedly has been sharing intimate details about their previous […]

Bama Of The Week is the person who has done the craziest thing you can think of. This week’s bama is Terry Crews, this man recieved nothing but love and support from Black women when he opened up about his sexual abuse. One Black woman who came to his defense was Gabrielle Union. Guess how […]

Actor Daniel Kaluuya, who you’ve seen in Get Out and Queen And Slim, recently said in an interview that he just want’s to be called an actor and not a Black actor. Kaluuya said that he understands that race is a thing and racism is an issue, but he doesn’t want to be defined by […]

Microaggression is “a backhanded compliment that’s not really a compliment,” Russ explains. This can often be seen when it comes to race. For example, when someone says “she’s pretty for a dark skin girl” or when they describe a group of men as thugs or homies. What Russ wants everyone to get through their heads […]

Teddy Riley is a legend and changed the music game. Now, you get the chance to party with him on board the brand new Unsung Cruise! Riley tells Russ and the crew that he’s so excited, especially because he’ll be cruising on his birthday! He’ll be partying like he’s turning “35 again,” he laughs. While […]

Russ has noticed that it seems like our young people, particularly rappers, are dying. A 21-year-old rapper named Juice Wrld recently died of a seizure in the Chicago airport. It has been rumored that he swallowed several pills to hide them from law enforcement shortly before his passing. Russ also points out that this young […]

Donald Trump is finally starting to feel the effects of impeachment. Russ believes that “the president is really cracking and he’s setting up the framework to leave office.” For months the Republicans have been defending Trump by saying all of the allegations against him have been “all hearsay,” but now that defense is dying because […]

Former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg has said that he wan’t to run for president. He hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but Russ isn’t sure if him running is a good idea or not yet. He’s 77 years old, but he’s a Independent and he could be “the guy to make a difference.” Speaking […]