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Aretha Franklin’s family is entangled in a legal battle over control of her estate, and now record exec Clive Davis is being dragged into it.

We previously reported, Franklin’s son Kecalf Franklin wants the courts to remove the personal representative of his mother’s estate, Sabrina Owens (who is also his cousin), and name him as the rep in charge of all matters related to the late Queen of Soul.

Kecalf claims Owens has failed to give an accurate description of the assets owned by his mother on the date of her death, according to court documents obtained by The Blast. Owens has fired back by filing a witness list as she plans on calling several of Aretha’s representatives from her talent agencies during her face off with the late singer’s sons.

Owens believes Davis will be able to testify on Aretha’s business matters and music royalties.

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Aretha’s son, Edward Franklin, has also filed docs backing his brother Kecalf’s move to remove Owens as the personal estate rep.

They are accusing her of mismanaging the estate and failing to perform her duties. Kecalf also has questions about “uncashed personal checks from Sound Exchange (music royalties) and Screen Writers Guild in the amount of $702,711.90 and uncashed checks from EMI and other music companies in the amount of $285,944.27. The total amount of uncashed checks comes to $988,656.17,” The Blast reports via Yahoo.

Ted White, Franklin’s third son, has backed Owens while asking to be named co-representative, according to the Detroit Free Press. Owens is also favored to serve as guardian of Franklin’s eldest son, Clarence, who has special needs.

Following a recent hearing on wills discovered in couch cushions after Franklin‘s death, Kecalf handed a written statement to the Free Press and various media saying he is in “pursuit of Justice for the Queen.”

“Our mother has enriched the world with music, art and service of activism more than half of her life,” the statement read in part. “The loss of our mother has traumatized our family. Despite our grief, we find ourselves in a battle to defend and protect this legacy against those who wish to disrespect, slander and exploit it.”

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