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A number of people are still standing with Collin Kaepernick, so they were all excited when they heard he would be getting a workout with the NFL. Roland Martin says that there was something fishy about the way things went down.  Martin talks to ESPN’s Howard Bryant about what went down.

After they called him about the workout, there was “a week of negotiation,” Bryant says, where they discussed who the receivers would be? Who was going to record it? In addition to those discussions, the NFL tried to get Kaepernick to sign two wavers, one saying the NFL isn’t responsible for any injury sustained during the workout, and the other saying that he couldn’t sue if he didn’t get a job.

The NFL also tried to prevent Kaepernick’s team from recording the workout and banned the media. So, this would mean they control the narrative.

So, Kaep took control and hosted his own workout and live streamed the video himself because it made him safer.

Bryant says the NFLs actions showed that “this is far more about his political stances than his football.”