Tamar Braxton is being called out after sharing her thoughts about men, sex and homosexuality.

The singer took to Instagram over the weekend to post a “public service announcement,” in which Braxton noted that if a seemingly straight man does not make a move on her for “3, 4, 10 days,” he must be gay.

“The truth is ladies that these dudes out here really do be gay!! It ain’t enough money, beauty, hair, babies in the world to keep them!!” she started. “They want D**k!! Periodt!!”

Braxton added, “It’s nothing wrong with you, but they will find EVERY reason in the world to make u not good enough!!” she wrote. “If he lays with you for 3, 4, 10 days and he don’t touch u, it’s NOT YOU!! HE WANT A MAN!! And that’s on my momma.”

Take a look at her post above.

Several Braxton fans questioned if she was referring to her own romantic relationship with Nigerian businessman David Adefeso.

One Twitter user said Braxton “only sees gay men as disposable scapegoats” (see the post below). Another said Braxton’s comments highlight her own insecurities.  A third said her “internalized homophobia is disgusting.”

“One minute women want men to respect them and not use them as objects and then when they get a respectful man that does just that…he’s gay,” wrote YouTuber Tarek Ali.

Peep some responses to Tamar’s controversial statement below.


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