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Currently there’s a lot of drama going on in Washington. It seems like every day president 45 and his administration does something completely ridiculous. But, when President Obama was in office we didn’t have these issues. Roland Martin talks to Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor and Ambassador under President Obama about her new memoir Tough Love: My Story Of The Things Worth Fighting For. 

Rice hopes that when people read her book they’re “reminded of how things are supposed to work.” In her opinion the Trump administration feels that “their job is to protect one man, Donald Trump. And they use the resources and prestige of the United States to do so.”

She calls the book “an honest book,” in which she tells her life story and also of her time in the White House with both the Clinton and Obama administrations. She says she has learned some really important lessons that are valuable to anyone.

Tough Love: My Story Of The Things Worth Fighting For is available now.