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There’s a big Mayoral race taking place in Montgomery, Alabama right now. This race is huge because they have the chance to elect their first Black Mayor. Montgomery is one of only three cities in six deep south states with a population of 100,000 or more that has not had a Black Mayor.

Martin’s guest, Stephen Reed hopes to change that on October 8! Reed believes that in 2019 we’re still talking about being the “first” because of “voter turnout,” and “because of systems that have been in place,” and lack of money.

His message is the “opportunity to live, learn, and earn” in Montgomery. He’s focusing on investing in public education and the community. He says he and his teem “feel very good,” and are “leading in the polls” but are running as if they’re “behind.”

You can support him at StephenForMontgomery on Facebook and Instagram, or by visiting his website at


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