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Sunday night marked the return of 50 Cent’s Power,” and the sixth and final season kicked off with a new version of the theme song – and fans were not feeling it.

Ahead of the episode, it was revealed that the new season would feature a remixed version of  “Big Rich Town,” which replaces Joe’s verse with a new one from Trey Songz. This switch went viral over the weekend, and sent viewers into a frenzy. Now 50 Cent has responded to the criticism via a video of himself talking about the change.

“These motherf*ckers talking about Trey Songz. Man, you ain’t bought a motherf*cking Joe CD in years, now you talking about Trey Songz? Trey did that sh*t as a favor to me, man. Sh*t, y’all keep this sh*t up… F*ck it, I’ma have to put that motherf*cker back the way it was,” 50 says in the clip — see below.

Listen to both themes below.

“Power got Trey Songz on the intro now… I ain’t feeling this soft shit,” said one fan.

“Bruh who TF told 50 to put Trey Songz on the new intro to Power???” another wrote.

A third wrote: “Who told Trey Songz we want him for the # power intro???”

Trey Songz addressed the situation as well, writing in the comments of the video, “N****s act like I said, ’50, let’s change the Power theme.”

“Y’all better STOP this bullsh*t right now,” 50 wrote his Instagram video post.


In a follow-up post 50 added, “😆yo @treysongz looked at me like, 🤔what you want to do to the song. I’m like let’s just update it, it’s 6 years old. He was like🤨ok if you say so 50.”

One fan comment, “Joe had it being a big rich town, Trey has it now as a medium middle class district.”

Another said, “You pulled a Jacquees a remix we didn’t ask for 🤣 change it back expeditiously #wewantJOE”

Singer/songwriter Tank offered a more lengthy critic about the series overall, writing:

“One of my favorite shows ever and one of my favorite title songs ever! When i perform with Joe i wait for him to perform it! Smashes are timeless and of course you know that. One thing though. In my humble opinion.. The mini talk show after the episode kills the seriousness of what we just watched. I get it but i need to still be hanging off of that cliff that the episode left me on without someone popping up on my screen smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes.. No shade to anyone i’m just in love with the original format. You’re better at this than me so if my comment is off base just delete my shit and don’t charge me a fee.”

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