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Conversations around gun control have been being had all across the country. Roland says, “we’ve had more mass shootings this year than we’ve had days of the year.” Like many of us, Roland wants to know if we’re ever going to see any gun control. His guest, Shannon Watts, works with an organization called “Moms Demand” and works to change gun laws.

Moms Demand has hundreds of thousands of volunteers, Watts says, “we are working on this issue every single day like it’s another full time job.”

According to Martin, Moms Demand is “one of the biggest thorns in the side of the National Rifle Association.” There’s a chapter in every single state and they’re not letting up on pushing for change.

Watts says she has seen changes in some republicans, like Ohio Gov and Tennessee congressman, who have said they had a “change of heart,” regarding gun laws.

Moms Demand is determined to make America safer for our families, Watts says “it is going to happen.”

If you want to get involved in your state text rally to 64433.

“If more guns and fewer laws made us safer we’d be the safest country,” Watts says.


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