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Back in 2017 Taylor Dumpson, was sworn in as American University’s first Black student body president; the very next day bananas were found hanging on nooses around campus. But, the harassment didn’t stop there. Dumpson became the target of neo-nazi site The Daily Stormer.

Roland Martin talks to Kristen Clarke of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Clarke’s organization represented Dumpson in her lawsuit against The Daily Stormer’s publisher Andrew Anglin.

Anglin posted Dumpson’s personal information and even where she could be found on campus, and instructed his followers to harass her. As a result of these incidents Dumpson was diagnosed with PTSD.

Carke says the judge ruled that “online racist trolling violated her right to equally enjoy her campus” and Dumpson was awarded a 750K judgement against the neo-nazi.