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The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team just brought home the World Cup and Jessica McDonald  says life has been a “whirlwind,” ever since. “My mind and body don’t even know what time it is or what day,” she told the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew. McDonald is the only mom on the team and she had her 7-year-old son by her side the whole time. She says he’s been traveling with her since he was born.

They have moved around a lot but Jeremiah was so young he won’t remember that…but what he will remember is seeing his mom work hard and win the World Cup. “Hopefully that just inspires him in the future,” she says. While some people expect that her son will play soccer, but she says he’s actually really into basketball right now.

While she loves the game of soccer, she can’t ignore the fact that women make minimum wage or below playing professionally.  But, they’re not willing to accept it, “we’re fighting for our future right now” she explains. The bottom line is “we talked it, we walked it, we’ve done it all,” and now they want to get paid what they’re worth.