The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team just brought home the World Cup and Jessica McDonald  says life has been a “whirlwind,” ever since. “My mind and body don’t even know what time it is or what day,” she told the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew. McDonald is the only mom on the team and she had […]

A day after (white) independence day, the U.S. women’s soccer team had to face Japan in the Women’s World Cup Final. It wasn’t much of…

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SAO PAULO (AP) — It wasn’t just a bad dream. Brazilians woke up Wednesday to dreadful headlines describing the shame and humiliation of their soccer team’s historic defeat of 7-1 to Germany in the World Cup’s semifinal. There were also reports of violence breaking out right after the game with many buses being torched in […]

The U.S. did surprisingly well in the 2014 World Cup, part of the reason was because of Tim Howard. Listen to the audio player to find out why the team’s goalie was trending on Twitter! Keep Up With The Russ Parr Morning Show … LIKE Him On Facebook!

Blackface performers are, “…the filthy scum of white society, who have stolen from us a complexion denied them by nature, in which to make money, and pander to the corrupt taste of their white fellow citizens.” — Frederick Douglass So now we can’t even enjoy a sporting event without racism? I’m not talking about Donald […]

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People all over the world are excited about The Word Cup. Although Americans aren’t typically into the sport, soccer or “futbol,” is among the most popular in other countries. Listen to the audio player to hear “The Russ Parr Morning Show” discuss how its popularity compares to American football! Keep Up With The Russ Parr […]

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A man was killed by a toilet bowl thrown from the stands at a soccer game in Brazil. The New York Daily News reports: Soccer riots in Brazil claimed the life of a man who was killed by a toilet bowl thrown from the stands at Arruda Stadium, the latest scene of fan violence that […]